Someone Need to Tell Them…

That there is no such thing as “healthy food”! Term health describes your own body’s state. Dead things do not have such a property, by definition, and unless you are from Japan, chances are — you are not eating living food.

What makes a diet beneficial or detrimental for your health is the quantity of foods, and their relative proportions. The rule here is simple: eat everything and in moderate quantities and you will have a guarantee that your diet is balanced, by definition.

If you don’t eat vegetables - you are missing out on the vitamins. If you don’t eat meats — you are missing out on essential proteins (which might be fine if you don’t do any physical activity). If you don’t eat fat — you are forgetting to put an oil in your engine. If you don’t eat sugar — kudos to you, but that’s impossible — sugar is everywhere, the point is to not eat too much concentrated sugar (i.e. in the coke).

All of this obviously depends on what you do. If you are doing a JMT hike (250 mi), people recommend to take a lot of olive oil with you — it gives you the most calories on a weight unit. If you need to think hard — you can’t go without sugar. The point is: eat what you want, do not try to chase “healthy food” — it does not exist.

What's life without a little adventure?

What's life without a little adventure?