I Wish… Pregnancy and Putin

I wish people engaged more frequently in civilized educated arguments about the real social issues, rather then in reposting dull single-stated opinions of various authorship without giving it a minute long thought.

I am endlessly annoyed to hear Trump jokes and commentary; I am frustrated to see never stopping flash-y pictures about how Trump is an idiot, Putin is an evil and [add recent news story here].

To my greatest surprise, however, I rarely, if ever, see or hear the civilized argumentative discussions about real underlying issues of today.

  • Should we allow all women to make their decision in matters of pregnancy for themselves?
  • What should be the requirements if one is to obtain a gun in the store?
  • How about legalizing the medications? Why there is such a paternalism-we allow person to buy a gun but not an antibiotic? Maybe that is just a huge lobbying from the health professionals?
  • How about the ridiculous med school system which enormously distorts the equality: today, wealth in USA is a decisive factor in whether a person would live or would die with a given problem (for a full argument read the corresponding chapter in Milton Freedman “Capitalism and Freedom)?
  • What about the debt level? Spending more than earning, consistently, is not a solution.
  • How about to stop incarcerating large amount of own population? How it is to be done?
  • What about schools? Most of them suck. Teachers probably should be paid more than car mechanics. Or should they?

The list goes on and on. Do you have a rationalized stance on every one of the issues? Can you back up your opinion with some solid reasonable arguments?

Politics. Politics is even worse because you have no influence on it what-so-ever! Also, seems like the crowds adore to believe that the world is black and white. Well, it is not. The best thing you can do about politics, is to think about it as a online-game played by multiple teams. And Pewdiepie is commenting. Now you can cheer for your favorite team, but acknowledge good moves of the other team… Though who am I kidding? Did you see the masses on the stadiums? They would ‘boo’ the rival team no matter what.

Obviously enough, in this regard people from different parties/countries do not differ at all. They just cheering for the opposite teams. They want to be spared of the hard labor of playing the game (thinking for themselves).

What's life without a little adventure?

What's life without a little adventure?