I wonder why there is such a stigma against Do It Yourself principle in the US? Americans are very scared of appearing amateurs.

I keep finding new examples of this phenomena. Recently, I’ve noticed how many people are taking the snowboarding lessons with the instructor. While instructors are great and everything, I don’t think all newbies need them. After all, you go to the mountains to have fun, not become a pro athlete. Why not try to do it yourself? Maybe observe others to get the clues about the technique, ask friends (or even instructors) for tips. After all, you don’t hire a person to teach you how to bike (or do you?).

Another similar example is personal trainers. I could never imagined it’s so popular. That surprises me: surely, Jason Statham needs one because it’s, eh, his job, but an average adult… exercising is like breathing, it’s natural… you don’t need instructor for breathing (or do you?). Why not do it yourself? Why not do it with a friend, and be each other’s personal trainer?

Now the question is why is this happening? I was not raised in this country and thus can’t trace the root cause of this. One thing I do see is that, in general, Americans pride themselves in doing things very well: I’ve never seen so efficient mail deliverers or maintenance crew people in other countries. That might explain why people are scared to be seen amateurs.

Still, to me, it seems as “life is a journey not a destination”, the joy is in learning not in the result. DIY!

What's life without a little adventure?

What's life without a little adventure?