Angry or Efficient? Ranting or Achieving?

I’m often angry lately. Coincidentally (or is it?), also very effective at getting things done.

That is in line with my earlier observation that some people that complain about things around them a lot also achieve a lot. I reckon if you like everything why bother doing anything? That’s my problem with Zen like thinking — if the happiness is within why would one move a finger?

Just ranting would not get you anywhere, of course. Yet being not satisfied with something leads to the motif that powers our actions. It goes without saying that this is only relevant to the issues around us that we can affect — no point complaining about the politics (unless you a politician or thinking of reallocation).

Same goes with being relaxed. When I’m calm and relaxed I have no motivation to do my random daily tasks — I do not care. When I’m angry — I just avada kedavra the hell out of my to-do list.

On the flip side, this technique only works for routine small tasks that do not require holistic evaluation. To make a truly important decision, or invent, or conceive — I usually need to become calm and relieved, open my mind, and think wholly, using my both slow and fast brains.

As usual — apply caution when thinking of extremes. I believe there is a use to everything, there are no absolutes; the glory thus is in the ratio!